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You, Madam, Are an Ass.

Posted Dec 20 2011 11:37am
Dr. J.S., I hereby call you out. How dare you treat one of your colleague's loyal patients that way. How dare you treat anyone that way, really, but someone who's trusting their health to you and your partners? Nothing in your training, your genes, your clinical experience, or your professional affiliation qualifies you to be such a condescending, judgmental bitch. She called you for help, with apology in her voice and unassuming attitude, she described her symptoms as best she could and then offered the possibility suggested by some fairly savvy clinical friends. And you dismissed her with a single shitty sentence
"Tell your friend thanks for the diagnosis, but I'm the doctor and there's no way it's ______. You'll have to be seen in the office."

You smarmy asshole. Rest assured that I will do everything in my power to ensure that your douchebag reputation precedes you.

Not only are you snotty and belittling, you're also ignorant and clinically inept. The "DO" you sport doesn't give you long-distance telephone-vision, and you can't stand the idea that three clinical professionals with "lesser" credentials and eyes on the symptoms in real-time might just have an edge. How sad for you, that insecurity.

As it turns out, you were wrong, confirms the doctor she actually trusts.  And the nurse, the paramedic, and the EMT had it pegged from the get-go.

I may be just one nurse, but I personally interact with about a hundred patients a week, and guess what! lots of them respect my opinions and take my advice. And did I mention that most of my friends are in the emergency medicine community, too? Word of mouth is a wonderful thing, "Doctor." And oh, gee, the digital age being upon us, and all... With a single click, there's no telling how many would-be patients this one nurse can potentially reach. Time for you to kiss some serious ass, to balance that out.

You can start with mine.
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