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Wow! What a Day!

Posted May 04 2013 7:32pm
I wrote this post about three years ago, not sure why it never got posted. Strange.

Today was a craptastic day. (is that a word?) When I looked on the board and saw my assignment, I knew, right then, first things this morning that today was going to s-u-c-k! And it did. Totally.

I work at a hospital as a float aide. Don't get me wrong, I love my job. A whole bunches even. But I don't love the floor that I worked on today. In fact, it was the same floor that I blogged about last time.


You didn't read my last blog?

Sigh...go. Read. Now.

Back to my craptastic day. One thing I have learned is how family members have a tendacy to take over and be a pain in the rear. Today I had one of those family members that drove me crazy. She would tell the patient what she wanted, then push the call light. Let me give you an example. "Mom, you really should lay down, you have been sitting too long" (15 minutes after it took three of us to put her in the chair), "Mom, you need to go to the bathroom. Mom, you need a pain pill. Mom, Mom, MOM!!!!!!" I spent the vast majority of my day in one room. Forget the 8 other patients that needed my help. I was constantly called in that room. THAT ROOM.

And why is it that the nurse was avoiding that room like the plague? What frustrated me even more was when I got called into the room for medications and I dont even administer meds! Worse yet, the RN was sitting right in front of the room and blatantly ignored the light. I know that she was as frustrated as I, however, when I am 3/4 the way down the hall, it really sucks to have to turn around, go to that room, THAT ROOM, just to hear, "mom would like some pain, anxiety, whatever pills." Under my breath, just slightly, I one time said "so would I".

IMO, I think it would have been a decent day if her daughter would have stayed home. I am not at all above helping my patients. I love my patients. Even the crotchety ones. It's the family members I can do without. At least THOSE ones.

So that is what made for a craptastic day. I think I earned kicking my feet up and sipping some wine.
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