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Why I Hate People (Tax Day Edition)

Posted Apr 18 2011 4:36pm

As I stand here in line behind forty other people who, like I, wait until the last possible minute before forking over money we really could use to a federal government that will surely mismanage it worse than I ever could, I have a minute to vent.

Folks, a dear friend of ours was on his way home from work in the wee hours of Saturday morning. Home from a job where he'd just spent 12 hours helping people. He noticed a car stranded in the median with people trying to push it, and being the nice guy he is, he stopped to help. Positioning his modest car as to direct the headlights onto the stranded car, he got out (still dressed in his uniform that marks him as someone who helps people) and offered his assistance.

Another car pulled up, at which point a young man got out of that car, got into our friend's car, and started to drive off. Of course, as is human nature, our friend started to chase his own car on foot, until the little bastard driving it pulled a gun.

Now, our friend is absolutely no wimp. But he's also not dumb, and he has a family, so naturally he let the thug have the car.

Of course he's insured, so he'll be taken care of from a logistical standpoint once the hassle is done with. The police are investigating, and he's got a staunch network of friends keeping eyes peeled for the car, and as such, its worthless absconder. But what a friggin' kick in the teeth, to have just been trying to do a nice thing and have that happen.

It's interesting to me that this kindhearted man was informed, earlier in the week, that some co-workers found him intimidating, doubtless by virtue of his stature and tattoos - yet, dressed in his good guy uniform, apparently not so intimidating as to give a bottom-dwelling carjacker second thoughts. I'd hazard a guess that if he'd been wearing something else, anything at all besides a uniform, the whole thing would've gone differently.

The other thing that's irritating is the comments people are making online on the news stories about this. Some are trying to make it about race, given the ethnicity of the suspect described. Some are waxing macho: "I wouldn't have let him take *my* car, "I dare somebody to try that with me," etc. Are you f#+$ing kidding me?

So that's why I hate people at the moment. Reasons are like trains some days: wait an hour, there'll be another along directly. Feel free to pipe up if you agree, or if you disagree, or just if you wanna go off on your own tangent) (elbowing Don, lurking out there in the blogosphere; welcome and I'm glad you're enjoying!)

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