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Who needs the gym??

Posted Sep 12 2008 11:33am
When you've got this 4-foot pile of workout waiting out front??

Hard to tell from the pic I guess, but I'm about halfway down the driveway so far, just a car wide. And it's blowing out there still, though blue skies - so I don't know if it makes sense to be shoveling yet anyway. But I fared better than my neighbors: Randy to the north, with 10 feet in front of his garage:

He says he can only remember two big snowstorms in the 7 years he's been here, and says he's never ever shoveled snow like this, let alone twice in 2 months. Amen to that. We laughed about how a snowblower might be a good neighborhood investment. And how life sucks immeasurably more for the people across the street, whose front door you can barely see there.

And Cory to the south - poor sap hasn't started digging out yet, dunno if he's out of town or just hunkered down.

And lastly, this is a little funny.

My garbage can, which usually lives in the bare spot in front of the bricks, and where it blew to sometime in the night. About half-full of garbage, mind you, it blew that far. Amazing any of my Griswold lights stayed put.

Now, for some lunch. After a little grilled-cheese-and-tomato-soup action, I'll be up for another round of woman vs. nature. Turns out all that anger makes for excellent shovel fuel.
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