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Westboro Baptist Church and SSG Josh Melton

Posted Jun 26 2009 6:21pm
I need your help.

One of our own came home in a casket yesterday.

SSG Joshua A Melton of Germantown, IL, was killed by an IED. His funeral will be tomorrow morning, Saturday June 27th at 10am at St Boniface church in Germantown IL.

Members of Westboro Baptist Church will be picketing his funeral. From their website (

'St. Boniface Church - Mourn for your sins DOOMED america! 306 Munster St Yet a little while, DOOMED america. Yet a little while and all that you have seen and known will be destroyed. You have made it your life's work to defy the Lord's Commandments. He will have his vengeance. When you see your dead brute brat lying in a box (or worse - sent home sloshing around in a leak-proof Ziplock bag) you know that God hates you.'

I cannot stand by and let these hate mongering fucks do what they plan to do. I don't think that anyone's family should have to see these fucking halfwits and their signs as they bury their loved one. So, I'm going totry to go to Germantown tomorrow, and I'm looking for people to go with me. Help me line the funeral procession route, help me create a human shield. Stand with me in silent protest.

Email me if you think you can and we'll try to arrange something (
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