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Weight Loss And Breastfeeding.

Posted Oct 08 2009 3:51am
I remember the favorite question of patients after they had their babies would be.......How long would it be before I lose all this weight? I would tell them you just lost a whole lot of weight......the weight of the baby and placenta together has to count for  something. Many women are fixated on losing weight so soon after delivery. One of the best ways to insure rapid weight loss is to follow a healthy meal plan. If a woman is breastfeeding, she needs increase her intake of calories by 600 more than she is normally consuming. Weight loss while breastfeeding is a positive side effect. Never eat less than 1500 calories a day Breastfeeding women do burn calories in the amount of 200 to 600 calories a day. Incorporate a simple exercise routine approved by your Dr when you are able to start to exercise. Never be too hard on yourself. The weight will come off. It took nine months to put on the weight. Rapid weight loss is never a good idea especially when you are breastfeeding. You need to eat enough calories in order to support production of milk for your baby. Your baby's nutrition and health are counting on what you put in to your body. Weight loss and breastfeeding can work together for all the parties involved. In the long run both mother and baby will both benefit from a mother's healthy lifestyle.
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