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We Interrupt This Podunk Broadcast to Bring You The Following News:

Posted Nov 30 2008 12:20pm

Jane-Anne and the baby made it through the danger!


Although Jane-Anne did end up going further into eclampsia, the hospital staff acted quickly and the baby was delivered by C-section. And now both mother and baby are fine, albeit Jane-Anne is still receiving certain IV medications to stabilize her condition. She and the baby should return to Podunk in a few days.

So let's all give our warmest welcoming Rebel Yell to our new arrival to Podunk, little seven pound Dusty:


And thank you all very much for your concern and best wishes!!!

(Especially you, Goddesswoo! I'm sorry I couldn't print your comment because part of it had your personal information on it--- and Blogger won't allow me print just a portion of a comment---but thank you so much for your offer!)

(Goddesswoo is a wonderfully kind nurse in Dallas who offered to go visit Jane-Anne, but alas, Jane-Anne was in a different hospital!)

* * * * * *


We Now Return You To Your Regularly Broadcasted Podunk Program:

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