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Unscheduled message from the Message Goat.....

Posted Nov 30 2008 12:21pm
Ahem: I must make a sad announcement here. And I won't try to candy-coat it nor play down the seriousness of it. But The Bohemian Knitter has unfortunately "relapsed" in her disease of alcoholism and chronic depression. And thus, she is at this moment engaged into gaining entry into a "treatment facility" in order to help her get off the alcohol that is her deadly enemy--and also to find relief from the depression. Her exact words were: "These dratted diseases are going to kill me." But I do believe that The Bohemian Knitter is a stubborn sort---I've seen her knocked down before with this disease. She always got up and kept plugging onwards, trying desperately to stay sober. She asked me to ask you guys for your prayers in this current set-back.
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