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two minutes

Posted Nov 13 2012 12:46pm
This will be the first in a series of posts in which I answer your burning questions about life on the ship. I'm going to start off easy, with one that requires no pictures. I can't really take any at the moment because I'm stuck on my bed with the curtains drawn while Zoe naps in the main part of the cabin; she's decided she needs it pitch black if she's going to sleep anywhere other than on my body, so I get to hang out here until she wakes up. I hope I don't have to pee any time soon.

Pearl asked, How on earth do you wash long hair in a two minute shower? How?!

When I read that, I realized that i wasn't quite sure, myself. I've started counting out my time in the shower so often before, but I always get distracted and forget what I'm doing, so I've never really broken it down.

A couple points of order: leg shaving doesn't count in shower water time. I use Zoe's bath water for that once she's done with it. Also, when I say two minute shower, I'm talking about two minutes of water. Do we all realize that? You can stand in there for as long as your little heart desires, as long as the water isn't running for more than a hundred and twenty seconds, give or take a few. The problem there, unfortunately, is that the floor space in the shower is small enough that the curtain will be touching you, no matter how slim you might be. I think they did it on purpose to help with water conservation, since no one's really a fan of a wet shower curtain stuck to their body.

We're lucky to have good water pressure in this cabin; the six berth cabin I lived in before I got married wasn't great in that regard, so I think we all had to go overtime to get washed. At any rate, here's the breakdown
Jump in, turn on the water and wet my hair and body, turn off the water: twenty-five seconds. I actually took a few extra seconds on this one just standing there. I probably could have done it in twenty. While the water is off, shampoo. Water on, rinse, water off: twenty seconds. It's amazing how quickly you can get things done when you concentrate. Daydreaming is for when the water's off. Conditioner and body wash. Scrub feet if I've been outside walking. Peel shower curtain off my leg. Daydream a little. Wash feet again for good measure. Get annoyed because the shower curtain is touching me again. Water on, rinse, water off: sixty-five seconds. Once I realized how much time I actually had left, I took my time on this one. It was glorious.

So there you have it, a two minute shower with ten seconds to spare. It's not like the captain busts into your cabin and shuts off your water if you go overtime, but it's nice to know that I'm well capable of getting clean within the limits!

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