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Travel Nursing - Per Diem Nursing - Local Contract Nursing

Posted Apr 22 2010 12:00am

When hospitals & health systems seek supplemental nursing help, they typically ask for help in 1 of 3 ways. This article will highlight the 3 traditional forms of healthcare staffing. (1) Travel Nursing. Travel nursing jobs are usually 13 weeks in duration but can be as short as 4 weeks and as long as the hospital has a need…often up to a year. Most travel nurses prefer not to stay in the same location for more than 39 weeks because they no longer qualify for tax free travel reimbursements after 39 weeks…Tax Advantage for those in the industry. Most hospitals consider a nurse to be a traveler if they live 50 miles or more away from the hospital’s physical address. Travel nurses come from around North America…not just the USA. Canadian nurses often enjoy travel nursing assignments in the USA. Travel nursing assignments usually offer nurses housing, furniture, utilties, housewares, travel to and from the assignment, and other reimbursements that are part of traveling to an assignment. Travel nursing jobs offer adventure, new experiences and the ability to work where you vacation. Expedient Medstaff offers travel nursing. Please contact us at 877-367-8770 to learn more about travel nursing and if it is the right career choice for you. (2) Per Diem Nursing. Per diem nursing jobs offer casual, low committment working opportunities. Per diem nursing job schedules are typically done on a weekly to monthly basis. Per diem nurses jobs can be as short as 1 day in duration and as long as up to about 4 weeks. Per diem nursing is offered in the nurse’s local market, where the nurse will work at a hospital or health system in the geographical area that the nurse lives. Per diem nursing jobs offer extra income to working nurses or a way for nurses to keep their skills that are fortunate enough not to have to work full time hours to support themselves or their family. Per diem nursing job wages are typically higher paying than hospital staff jobs and also higher than travel nursing jobs because housing is not required. Per diem nursing jobs offer flexibility and high wages. It is a great career path for nurses looking to have that work / life balance. Expedient Medstaff offers Per Diem Nursing Jobs in Michigan and Ohio. Please call us at 877-367-8770 to learn more about per diem nursing jobs. (3) Local Contract Nursing. Local contract nursing jobs are a hybrid between per diem nursing jobs and the duration of travel nursing jobs. Local contracts are available to nurses that live in the general area of the hospital. Local contracts typically go from as short as 2 weeks to as long as 13 weeks in duration. Local contract nurses fall in line with the hospital staffing schedule. Local contract nurses make the same dollars as a per diem nurse but have the schedule security of future work. Local contract work 24- 40 hours per week. Expedient Medstaff has several local nursing contracts. Please call us at 877-367-8770 to learn more about a career with Expedient Medstaff.

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