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This Thing Called Home

Posted Aug 24 2008 1:37pm

I can feel it, boys and girls, the irresistible pull of normalcy. For those of you who haven't been with me all along the ride, let's just say that the past few years have been fraught with ups and downs, and a few upside downs, some best-laid plans, and a general trend toward deeper happiness. But I haven't really felt settled in any of the places I've lived in the last two years, sort of an upwardly-mobile vagabond, somebody with a transitory existence but a very clear idea of "home" in her heart. Well, I'm inching closer to that place, and it feels wonderful.

A dream job nearly in the hopper. A chance to live in a part of the country that can enrich all of our lives in a bunch of different ways. The pure adventure value of "boldly going," really really soon, and the wonder of having my soul mate to share it with. It's the brass ring, and I'm not afraid of reaching for it anymore. My heart has had a place to call home, now my sweetie is working hard to make a place for us and all of the kids to call home as well, and I think he's doing an amazing job.

I love you, Scott. Thank you for being all you are and have been to me, for putting up with me and for allowing me the opportunity to put up with you. We complement each other so well - our love makes us both better people and better parents. I couldn't be happier that "It is what it is" has become "I am because we are."
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