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Things To Do On A Rainy Day....

Posted Apr 05 2010 6:50am


Bought a ticket for a runaway train,

Like a madman laughin' at the rain

Little out of touch, little insane

Just easier than dealing with the pain

("Runaway Train", Soul Asylum)


Woke up to a totally stormy, rainy day. The rain drops have been alternating with periods of pea-sized hail. Perfect, I thought to myself. And although I know most people prefer sunny, nice days....

I absolutely adore bad weather--- because it gives me an excuse to moon around in a breathless melancholia.

So I lit a scented candle....

And I poured myself some coffee.

(But I poured it quickly---because I have never liked this self-grinding coffee bean contraption that Blaine bought. I think it's looking at me....and one day it wouldn't open the big flap that allows the machine to grind the beans. I actually told it to "Open the Pod Bay Door, Krups".....)

And then, due to a total burnout on the Little Red Riding Hoodie, I am taking a few days away from it in order to gather my wits about me for the next phase on the thing.

So today I am playing with the pieces of the camouflage cardigan I started on the USM. I took the sleeves off the machine to hand knit a picot trim on their wrists--- and then pinned them to the top of the body's shoulder to calculate the total length I'll need. (Once I figure that math, I'll re-hang them onto the USM and knit the rest of them.)

(And yes, I did want a wide sleeve wrist with a picot edging instead of ribbing. I know it doesn't match the bottom of the cardigan but I just felt like doing something different. I'm going to do the buttonbands differently, too. And I'm going to put a hood on this thing.)

Also this morning, I watched the launch of the Space Shuttle "Discovery"---and I got tears in my eyes. I love how my country is so strong, always striving to a higher level in every aspect of our culture, including NASA's reaching towards the moon and the Space Station.

When I was a tiny tot, while my father was in the US Army, he frequently worked on NASA projects. It was a couple years later that he was accepted into the Foreign Service Diplomatic Corps and began taking our family around the world.

But the current President is going to stop the space program---so I only have a launch or two left to watch.....

And below is the way that Little Baby deals with rainy days.....I guess I'll have to tell her the particulars of the launch later, when she wakes up.


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