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Take time to smell life's flowers.

Posted Apr 09 2009 7:16pm

In the middle of our busy lives we sometimes forget, or get caught up in the everyday rushes to appreciate the simple beauties in life.

Commuting 5 days a week i can appreciate all the things most people probably pay no mind to. I often find myself thinking about how trouble some it is or how much time is wasted commuting to and from work. But, i realized the other day that theres no need being aggravated by the small things. If i wasnt taking the train and from work every day i would miss out on how beautiful the sun rise looks in the early morning. The different shades of colors that i see on the horizon. The cold morning breeze blowing my hair in the wind. All the cute little dogs going for their morning walk. The interesting talks that parents have with their children while walking them to school. The walk through the park. The weird man at the park who is playing games with the birds and the squirrels. The young and old who are running to preserve their health. The smell of coffee as you pass the different coffee shops. The bright colors and latest trends on the window displays. The relief of finding a seat on the train after a long day at work. The different faces you see. The sun starting to set. The music i listen to on my ipod. And as i turn the corner the jingle of my keys lets me know that i can soon sit down and reflect on my day!

So the next time you think about how tedious something may be, take a different look and see all the great things you can appreciate.
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