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Status Report: Decidedly Undecided

Posted Sep 12 2008 11:33am
Meh. Just meh. It's okay, so far, I guess. One of the most obvious changes about the new ER is just as Scott warned me, it's kind of impersonal and lonely-feeling. Not nearly as much camaraderie as before, though we do get to see the small group of co-workers we share each pod with. Today seemed a little better than yesterday. Yesterday I got a patient care assignment - albeit in the behavioral/chemical unit (i.e. crazy people and drunks - how appropriate!) and it wasn't too bad. Yesterday, I spent half of the shift floating (being everywhere, doing whatever needs done, picking up slack, etc.) which is usually one of my favorite gigs. Not so, yesterday, in the midst of an emotional day whenst I was also plagued with horrible lower gastrointestinal distress and thus essentially confined to within thirty paces of the loo...and feeling ineffectual on top of that. I'm used to being the person everyone else comes to with their questions, I'm the 'go-to-gal' - and it sucked to not be her yesterday. The second half of yesterday's shift I spent as Global nurse in Triage, which is the one where you're in charge of the whole works. It was two ticks short of madness, which spooked me into almost letting 'em see me sweat. But we survived, and we didn't kill anybody that I know of. I think it'll get better.

And I learned a valuable lesson this morning. If ever you begin a sentence with the words "I'll probably regret this tomorrow, but..." then for god's sake, do not do the thing that the rest of the sentence is about. I learned this approximately two hours after my morning tanning session, the first in about a month and a half, when I stupidly decided I could handle the full 20 minutes. Not so much. I spent much of today's workday explaining away my sunburn and feeling like a dumb shit. And I'll probably spend much of the next week itching and peeling and flaking skin off places that should never become sunburned in the first place. (mighty sigh)

Oh, people. Why??
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