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Posted May 01 2013 4:49pm
I wish I were coming to you with better news, that I could say that the little girl in Ethiopia is heading home to her family. But I can't.

I received word last night that she, too, went back to Jesus.

Before coming to the hospital where Dr. Dave works, her family had sought care from a traditional healer who, in an effort to help her breathe, had removed her tonsils. This caused serious trauma to her airway, and she just wasn't strong enough to withstand the injury.

Sophie put it right. Stuff like this reminds me to be thankful that God is sovereign.

Because on the face of it, this looks like loss and it feels like failure. It's another blow to the face of hope, a brutal reminder of the brokenness of the world we live in.

Maybe, though, it wasn't about saving her. Maybe it was about strengthening our faith and revealing God's glory and making sure that a little girl who was going to die was able to breathe easy in the last hours of her life.

I'd like to say that I believe everything I just typed, that I'm resting easy in the knowledge that God is on the throne. And maybe some day it'll be true and my faith will actually be strong enough for this sort of thing.

Today, though, I'm having a hard time with it.

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