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Six Months Off, a Review

Posted Aug 14 2009 6:48pm

I been reading a book called “Six Months Off” whose premise is that it may not be as hard to take a six month sabbatical as you might think.  The book was written in the mid-90’s, and in today’s times many are forced on sabbaticals anyway.  The book also makes suggestions on what you could do with your six months off, mostly to explore something that you wish you had done.


Here is where the book caused me to reflect when the authors said; “…life’s regrets are rarely those things we did, but mostly things we never tried to do.”  So I went back and looked over the suggestions of things a person could accomplish with six months off and few limitations in regards to finances or location…let’s see, learn Spanish in a small town in Mexico, spend time volunteering with a forestry group in the wilderness, hiking the Great Pacific Trail from Mexico to Canada.   


I closed my eyes, relaxed and gave it some thought, but none of the ideas really appealed to me.  Call me boring if you will, but I am quite happy doing the traveling that I am. 


I am living the life that I had dreamt of for many years.  In a nutshell, here it is.  Live like a local, who’s from afar.


So while I currently reside in California I have not yet made it to the northern vineyards.  Mary and I considered it; but we didn’t want to miss out on the great weather at the beach.  Besides, why leave the tourist destination that now makes our home just to visit another that may one day be our next home? 


The chapter about approaching your employer for the six months off was an easy one for me to just pass over.  That is one nice thing about travel assignments, if you want an extended vacation after your assignment is completed there is nothing stopping you. 


I am grateful for the book in helping me realize that the things I would most regret not having accomplished aren’t the things that require location, but rather my own efforts, such as learning to speak another language. 


So while Mary and I continue to explore San Diego I am hoping to explore and embark on removing regrets from my life that don’t require world travel, just time and effort on my part.

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