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Positivity and Gratitude

Posted Aug 12 2008 3:13am
All right, folks. The rumors are starting to stew out there, I'm sure (and when don't they, about me? but I digress). All those loyal in the blogosphere (and also the random I'm-gonna-be-shitty-so-I-won't-say-my-name-and-maybe-she-won't-know-who-I-am commenters too) probably are wondering what the hell.

The upshot is this: the details aren't that important, and frankly they would make your head hurt, but the end result is that yes, I am back in the Springs, have moved into an amazing house that I completely adore (minus the stellar views from the gargantuan bathtub in PA, but plus something my dad says is nightshade in the garden alongside the raspberries and chives)
[yes, people, i yanked it all, just to be safe]. It feels good to be home, and see that glimpse of normalcy on the horizon. Scott and the kids are enroute as soon as the truck is full, and all five of the younguns will be in the same school district, and each of the five will have both parents in reasonably close proximity (though not so close as to incur homicidal wrath). Yes, we're both making a little less cash, and yes, it's a bigger city with a coarser underbelly. But it's about the kids and about getting off to the right fresh start, and the universe is paving the way for us to do that here. And did I mention I love this house?? (Will blog pics soon, I promise...)

Plans are still on for an October 25th wedding, albeit in Colorado instead of at the Dunker Church at Antietam - and probably a reception involving most of the emergency medicine / fire / police community in town. (Look out!!)

All in all, things are settling down and getting better and better, and it's about goddamn time. Thanks to all of you who've offered words of encouragement and support, who've offered your shoulders and your couches and your coffee, and thanks to my mommy and daddy who saved the week with their loaned plastic. And thanks to my sweet baby brother, who tries and tries to get me to be a social person, and who still loves me despite repeated failures at same. And thanks to my kids, who have been the best little sports in the world, probably because they know I love them and they know, as do I, that that makes everything doable. And thanks to Scott, who has believed in and held fast to our shared vision of what we can be. Holy shit, I might have a birthday that doesn't suck this year.
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