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Placenta Brain

Posted Oct 06 2009 10:01pm

Just an observation.

When I work in labor & delivery, I have found that most women trust me. They hang on to my every word. Even though there are exceptions… in general, they are painful and afraid. I have the tools to ease their pain, albeit medications, epidural blocks, or breathing and relaxation support. I have been trained to revive their babies in an emergency, and also to teach them to feed and care for their babies. I am the hero. (At least until the doctor walks in the room to catch… but that‘s a story for another day).

When I work in the office… it is a much different story. There are exceptions, but most of them have to pee. Most of them are hungry and/or nauseated. Most of them have waited a long time to be called back… only to wait some more. They don’t like to be half naked reading a pregnancy magazine dripping with drop dead gorgeous…stretch mark free… pregnant models.

The hero in me was squashed in the office today. Said the pregnant women to me as I weighed her… “I am so glad you didn’t start out at 200 pounds like that last chick who was filling in for the nurse a few weeks ago... She made me feel fat.”

Oh. You mean a few weeks ago when I was filling in for the nurse?


Innocently enough, I made her feel fat. I have swiftly learned no matter how hard I try… unless they are in hard labor… their hero I am not.

Thank God for the forgetful placenta brain… because I played dumb and said, “wow, I can‘t believe
that!… I can tell just by looking at you that you’ve only gained 7 pounds this entire pregnancy!”

What is something offensive someone said to you while you were raging with hormones in your pregnancy?

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