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Okay, What's The Number To Call And Complain That Our Street Hasn't Been Plowed?

Posted Jan 07 2010 11:49am

For some reason, the city of Overland Park, Kansas, does not believe that they should plow our street after a snowstorm.

This irks me and Blaine no end. Because even though it's not the multiple feet worth of snow the north of the country gets, it's still enough snow to cause you not being able to find your morning paper in the dadgum driveway....

Or, worse yet, getting your vehicle stuck in the mess before reaching a larger road that HAS been plowed...

And, Blaine also hates anything which interferes with his addiction to grilling food on the back deck. But even I am not demanding enough to expect that Overland Park's plowing staff assist us in clearing off that particular area.

As usual, come hell or high water, Little Baby hasn't a care in the world.....


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