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OBama Healthcare Plan... A Review of the latest ABC news video.

Posted Jul 16 2009 10:51pm
I recently watched a video interview with President OBama on ABC news and found it very interesting that the President would like to have less beuarocratic paperwork and more working. I don't know how many times I've said, "If he wasn't for all the paperwork, I could get more nursing done." They problem is the fact that if it's not documented then it's not done. Here are a few tips that I have on getting your charting done!
  1. As a traveling nurse, we are faced every 13 weeks with a new computer or paper system. When starting an assignment, I find it almost unavoidable the possibility that I'm going to have to ask someone to help me. Don't be afraid to ask!!! Some of these computer systems can get a little tricky, and believe me, it's a lot easier to do things right the first way instead of having to go back and do things over again.
  2. Make every attempt to chart as you go. I know this may be difficult at times, but it is much easier to document as you go. Then you don't have to spend an hour at the end of the shift wondering what time you actually changed that dressing.
  3. Carry your notes with you at all times. If you have your notes in your pocket, then you don't have to spend extra minutes thinking about what you were going to write or going to do.
  4. Don't chart at the nurses station. If you have a choice go somewhere down the hall or away from others to do your charting. This is also an advantage to charting in the room with your patient. You are not as liable to stand there and chat fifteen minutes with your patient then you might stand there and chat with the other nurses.
  5. Charting is a part of patient care. If you are in the patient's room charting, then people don't see you in the middle of the hallway "standing around" or "just setting" at the nurses station.

Time management in nursing... a concept that will plague nurses for a long time. Write to me with your hints of time management!!! highwayhypo

Written by Epstein Larue, author of Highway Hypodermics: On The Road Again... the premier guide to travel nursing!

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