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Nursing Ventures Named Company Spotlight for June 2010

Posted Jun 10 2010 9:43am
W hat kind of career opportunities does your company offer?
Extremely high pay opportunities for Nursing and Allied Healthcare Professionals. We offer local per diem, local contracts, travel assignments and permanent placement.

Do you cover all the United States, parts of the U.S. or do you also offer international assignments?
We cover all of the United States including Alaska and Hawaii. At this time we do not offer any international services.

What is your average time from acceptance of application to first day on the job for those nurses ready-to-go?
One to Two weeks depending on the responsiveness of the applicant.

What size is your company, and can I expect to be treated as a number or a name?
We are small to medium size and would like to keep it that way. All of our employees have a name!

Can I expect personal service with your company?
Each employee can expect above average personal service with Nursing Ventures.

I work night shift, what if I have problems at night?
Nursing Ventures Inc. provides after hours support for our employees and hospital clients. Our toll free number will direct after hours callers to our administrator on call.

What other type of benefits does your company provide?
The number one benefit from working with Nursing Ventures is the exceptionally high pay. We are against any type of program, vendor, overhead that will decrease the bottom line of our employees. We do not offer referral bonuses, "free private housing", transportation, completion bonuses, free laptops, free scrubs, stethoscopes, health insurance or anything else that will take money out of the checks our nurses work so hard for! Nursing Ventures believes that hard working professionals can manage their money better than we can.

What about professional insurance?
We provide excellent professional liability insurance coverage. We do not discourage our professionals from getting their own policies but we do not require it. We believe a professional employer should secure the best coverage possible.

What makes your company more than “just another” travel company?
Nursing Ventures Inc. is a dedicated professional temporary healthcare staffing company whose primary goal is to pay our employees as much as possible. In our 4 year history we have never found ANY other staffing company who can beat our high pay rates, based on the same billing rate. We are creating a huge niche between the large greedy publicly traded staffing companies and the small "mom and pop" or internet "start your own nurse agency for $299" companies. The owners of Nursing Ventures Inc. are all RN's who work full time for client facilities along side of our employees. We do not rely on our employees for our bread and butter. The owners of Nursing Ventures Inc. believe that the time for change in the temporary healthcare staffing industry starts with us and starts now. Nurses have been taken advantage of for years by large staffing companies who are making huge profits from the hard work of nurses like us. Nursing Ventures Inc. will change that! We are against corporate greed and against small get rich quick companies who know nothing about the staffing industry or employment law. Nursing Ventures Inc. has elected to take the high road, the path of professionalism and integrity for all healthcare professionals who choose to have more freedom in their careers. Our employees understand that their careers are tools that allow them to live life the way they want, on their terms and not working 5 - 7 days a week just to make ends meet. Nursing Ventures Inc. is outraged by huge profit margins that are taken from the billing rates charged to the hospital clients in return for the hard work of nursing professionals who should be getting paid double what they are making.

Nursing Ventures Inc. is a professional healthcare staffing company whose goal is to pay our employees more than any other staffing company, period! We are not a staffing company that is right for everyone. We seek healthcare professionals who want to make the most of their time so they can live their lives as they choose. Nurses are human beings, not wage/insurance slaves who are locked into a cycle of work-pay-bills-work-pay bills. Nursing Ventures Inc. is about blocking anything that reduces the hourly pay for our employees' bottom line. Work to live NOT live to work.

For More Information ContactNursing Ventures
2825 East Cottonwood Parkway
Suite 500
Salt Lake City, UT 84121

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