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Posted Aug 07 2009 7:17pm
There is A LOT I have to say; about a variety of things. But long posts bore readers and take loads of time to write; so for now I will talk write about what happened when I didn't get that job. For the background; see this post:

So . . . the masters course. One of the people who had interviewed me forwarded (who from hereonin shall be known as 'lovely specialist nurse')me on the relevant websites. Basically; there are 7 universities in the country offering the course, each of which has 10 fully funded places available. One of the universities in the city in which I live and work does the course; however; the closing date had already past, and lovely specialist nurse and nice man (a guy I went to speak to for some more information who is jointly employed both by the school of nursing at said university and my trust) weren't overly enamoured by the university and recommended I apply at another university offering the course in a city that is about 4omiles away.

So I looked up the course in more detail and spoke to various people including nice lesser boss and ultimate boss and the course director at the university . . . . and after much deliberation decided to apply. The deliberation centred around me feeling grossely underqualified to be considering a masters; but as it turns out; academically I'm not. One could argue since I'm sonly four years qualified I don't have enough practical experience; but I had enough to meet the criteria.

Unfortunately the final week submitting applications, I was on nights, and so didn't get to show my application to either lovely specialist nurse or nice man in person. So I e-mailed it off and externally was quite nonchalent about the whole matter. Inwardly; I wanted an interview, I felt I deserved an interview (if only for the amount of effort I had put into creating my CV, adjusting my personal statement and scanning in evidence of previous academic acheivements whilst on night duty!!)

They e-mailed a few days later and offered me an interview. I was well chuffed. I managed to speak to lovely specialist nurse before interview for some tips - she said I had done really well to get an interview. She also told me that following interview I would either: not be offered a place, be offered a place but have to self-fund; or be offered one of the fully funded places. I had already been informed that if offered a self-funded place the trust does not offer funding. Self funding from my own sources was not ever an option for me. Its £1800 a year; and I want to do it part time over 2 years.

[In fact; sorry for the tangent but RANT RANT RANT - I work full time as an adult staff nurse ; I work extra bank shifts to help ends meet - last week I worked 51.5 hours, I pay my taxes and bills AND YET I can not afford to live what I could consider 'confortably' in this country; by which I mean own a house and a car and go on holiday once a year. A car or a holiday is so ludicrously out of the question, and I'm only holding onto the house with the skin of my teeth. And those banking office types are on tens of thousands as annual bonuses. Its sick, it really is. Okay, rant over.]

So I went to my interview on 27th July. I was pleased with how it went. I managed to get in everything I had wanted to say, and everything I had been advised to say by various persons. I was interviewed by two lecturers. Even after the interview; I didn't know what to expect. It may sound conceited; but I never thought I wouldn't get into uni to do my nursing - I had the grades they wanted, and sure enough I was offered a place without interview. But this, I really didn't know. I didn't know what they were looking for, I didn't know what to expect.

The interview was on a Monday. They said they'd e-mail me on Friday to let me know. So imagine my nervousness when I logged in on Wednesday 29th and found them sat waiting in my inbox.


I was so, so happy, I couldn't stop smiling for about 3 days. I still can't quite believe it, I mean, I'm me - slightly mental person who always fucks things up. But these people, they think I am capable of this. Its a great feeling.

So I start at uni in September. I'm going to be working 3 days a week and getting full pay; and work are going to get the money to backfill my post for the two days a week I'm not there. It doesn't get any better. I know its a lot to take on, a lot of work, and my pay will go down initally due to less unsocial hours and the likes. But in the long run, totally worth it. Its a reason to not be stupid, and something to occupy my mind. A winner on all fronts


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