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Nearing the end of summer

Posted Nov 04 2009 10:01pm

The end of summer is quickly approaching and I'm sad to say i haven't had much time to enjoy it! In a week i will be completing this medical surgical class (for better or worse) and i just cant wait for a break already.

Its been 3 months since i last posted so a lot has been going on. In May i started my med surg/clinical summer class which feels like its never ending and filled with lots of drama! The month started out well except for the lack of organizational skills on the part of the administration in the nursing program at school. But, after 3 frustrating weeks we were back on track and starting our clinicals (which i was excited about).

June, what can i say i mostly remember it raining 28 out of 30 days in that month. Luckily it was sunny and bright for my birthday :) I was lucky enough to have a great supervisor and co-workers who like me (for the most part I'm sure lol) and they surprised me with a yummy chocolate cake at the end of a long work day! That was sweet of them and I'm so very appreciative :) Casey and I had fun at the Museum of Natural History, it was interesting, although i have to say i was slightly disappointed, i thought it was going to much better. Before the month was over I got to hang out with one of my great friends who i don't get to see often, for her graduation party, we all had a good time! Oh yeah and i nursing test in between all of that..ugh!

July. I finally had a day off that i could enjoy (instead of going to school) so for 4th of July i headed to the beach! Later that night Casey and I headed to Hoboken to watch the lovely fireworks and might i was perfect weather :) Had another nursing test, not fun! So my brother left the country for a month allowing me to have a little more peace and quite for a month ( that always helps when you have a million things to do). Another nursing test which i did pretty well on.. thanks Chichi for actually being a teacher and being fair! Then i sent my mother off for her vacation to Brazil, man am i jealous. I'm the only one stuck here while everyone in my house is out enjoying life lol it ok tho, you will see, my time will come :) Plus, I get to have my love stay with me for at least 3 weeks :) (he's been such a help, from cooking for me to washing my laundry, I'm so lucky I'm going to be marrying him soon, i just hope it wont change :) Ohhh we also went to the Pride parade in the NYC and i had a blast :)

August. Spent a weekend in Rhode Island and Mass. for our yearly visit (it was way too short this time tho) and it was pretty relaxing. Got to do my bike riding in Newport which i love and took some lovely pictures. :) Then back to work and school again. Made some deliciously scrumptious mouth watering Red Velvet cupcakes..Mmmm Now the countdown begins Only 1 more week for this class. we'll see what the rest of the month will unfold :)

Thank you to my favorite people :) my love, Cristy and Jenny thanks for sharing a fun evening with me, and we will see eachother more as the wedding planning progresses :) i <3 you guys!
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