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Maybe It's Just Me

Posted Nov 18 2008 12:20am
I could not believe this story when I read it so I had to share it.

According to Denver News 7, "The Denver police union is selling T-shirts that poke fun at protesters at last month's Democratic National Convention." "The back of the shirts reads, "We get up early to beat the crowds" and "2008 DNC," and has a caricature of a police officer holding a baton. The front has the number 68 with a slash through it, a reference to the Recreate 68 Coalition, which organized several demonstrations during the convention."

Maybe it's just me, but making fun of a serious situation always makes me cringe. I think this is even more heinous because the people being made fun of are protesters voicing their opinions. No matter what actually happened, this "joke" makes it appear that the people were being beaten by the Police because they were expressing their views.

I have always thought that those in "power" need to be very cautious with how they are perceived because if actions are not viewed as fair and just, the system will break down (and if their actions are not actually fair and just, the system needs to be broken down and repaired). I find this every day in my practice - if the Board's action is perceived as fair and just, the licensee accepts or at least understands the action, but if there is any aspect that is unfair, the licensee believes that the Board is "out to get them."
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