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little man in a big man's clothes

Posted Apr 08 2010 11:45am 1 Comment
When I met Maurius, he was skin and bones, just like so many of the little ones we've seen this year. His mama loved him, it was clear, but the hole in the roof of his mouth was just too big; she didn't know how to feed him.

Despite his deformity, Maurius came to us in style, dressed in the typical outfit of grown African men; a cloth suit with a button-up shirt and pajama-style pants in matching fabric. He weighed less than a newborn but was already sporting clothes far beyond his years, and the first time I saw him I burst out laughing.

Mama, I told her, when I could breathe again, you have a little man in a big man's clothes! She laughed along with me and told me that, with God's help, he would soon be big. Her faith was well-placed.

Today, I found myself drawn to Maurius' bed over and over. He ended up being admitted a day early, so we've had lots of time to enjoy a happy, pre-surgical baby. (For some reason they're never quite as much fun once they've been through the operating room.) Have you clicked on that little thumbnail to see his photo bigger? Go do it, and then come back and I'll tell you how he looks now.

Gone is the listless baby with tired eyes. Instead, he holds his head up, wide-eyed and bright, looking around the room to make sure he doesn't miss anything. He smiles at the slightest provocation, the sides of his lip splitting even wider with his grins. Where the skin used to hang in wrinkles off his bones, he's got round rolls and dimples. And instead of ribs showing, all you can see when you lift his shirt is a big, plump belly.

Tomorrow Maurius will go to the operating room to have his lip repaired. And when he comes back, we'll dress him in his little cloth suit again, a suit that's starting to get tight around the waist.

Big man in a little man's clothes.

(And, in other cleft-lip-baby-news, Obre is still doing splendidly well. He started receiving formula through his tube again today, and it hasn't caused him to have any problems breathing. We are still in awe as we watch him grow stronger.)

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A mother's love for her child triumphs all the impossibilities, knows no bounds and no rule, defeating everything callously hindering its way. This is an unbound love and dedication of a mother for her children. Or if becoming a nurse practitioner to your family has been an option in her list of possible careers, then you probably would want to know what the daily routine would be like in wearing landau scrub.

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