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Lessons Learned

Posted Aug 14 2009 6:48pm

The sun has set for the day and I am outside in our new patio; as Mary has kicked me out of the inside living area while she unpacks… something to do with not needing advice and getting more done with me out of the way.

So I sit with a cool beverage nearby and enjoy my new surroundings taking a moment or two, and pondering lessons learned in the last few weeks.

There is a time to be serious with work and a time to play.

I will keep this lesson close to me. When I am working I will remember to keep work serious and have fun only when it is appropriate. Something I would have thought at my age I would already have figured out but the "big kid" in me sometimes forgets; but no longer, thanks Theresa.

Look for your own housing.

The home we enjoyed at the beach was simply fantastic; it made travel work feel like a true vacation. If all you are looking for is simply a job, then I suppose this advice isn't needed and you might as well take what an agency finds you, but if you choose to enjoy life outside of the job, then take a little time and effort to find your own home. In earlier posts I have written suggestions and ideas to locating your own home.

Currently we are in a much smaller home than what we enjoyed at the beach, but San Diego doesn't come cheap, and what we lost in square footage we have gained by the activities of the neighborhood.

We are in a much more central location, just a short bike ride to the San Diego Zoo, and only fifteen minutes from Sea World, and the airport, the hospital is nearby too. The proximity of cafe's and shops from our front door is literally just steps away.

Be flexible but bend in the direction you want to go.

Nursing is all about being flexible, whether it be in the shift we are working, patient load or how we deliver care. This time though, I decided to be flexible in the direction I wanted to travel and let the travel agencies bend in my direction.

Prior to receiving an assignment I made it clear to recruiters that since we were not yet ready for Hawaii, I was game for San Diego California or I was going home. Now while this doesn't sound very flexible I also wasn't so fixed on how I got there, and that included speaking with multiple recruiters with about ten different agencies.

I had certainly given the company I had been working with every first chance, but when they made it clear that San Diego positions were not available I turned particularly towards larger companies and especially those based locally. That move paid off.

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