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Late starter...

Posted Mar 06 2009 12:00am
So here it begins. After requests for suggestions for a name for this new blog, it has been chosen. The subject matter should be clear, but there'll be a random mix of lots of things. I know it seems that I'm just following the trend of ambulance blogs, and I'll shamelessly admit that it's true. I'm a sheep. But writing is good therapy, so I hope you enjoy it.

The name I use is obviously a pseudonym, but it won't take a genius for many people to work out who I am. I've only changed it on here to protect the guilty...

Having been a reader of Blogs for a long while, especially anything connected to the ambulance service, I realised (very slowly) that it was a great way to achieve several things. First of all, to get things off my chest. Despite the fact that most paramedics and EMTs (emergency medical technicians who are basically the same thing as a paramedic but get paid less money) will tell you that you can't take your job home with you or it'll drive you mad, but sometimes this job does just that.

Second, a little public education. Whether it'll be successful is open to much debate, but at least I'll feel like I've tried.

Otherwise, it'll hopefully be another insight into the world of a London paramedic. I'm aware that several of these already exist, but maybe I'll be able to give you a slightly different angle. I was an EMT for almost four years and have been a paramedic now for nearly three.

For the sake of ease of use, any time I refer to paramedics in general, I'm referring to EMTs as well.

Enjoy, feel free to comment, abuse or otherwise interact....
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