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Kiss Kiss, Goodbye---See Ya In Dallas!

Posted Sep 18 2009 10:21pm


Ok, I'm off to Dallas with my Mother in a little while. (Amateurish jam tarts and all....) Thought I'd throw you some last minute pictures---this time of my own bedroom at Mother's house, which I love so much that I hate to leave it. The above is a picture of my rarely-made bed....

The above is my stash closet, behind the curtains---but the shelves are empty because my stash is currently in Kansas. My sister gave me some money for my birthday via the Fed Ex man yesterday. (I sang "Happy Birthday to Me" as he walked the whole way up the walkway to deliver the envelope.) And I plan on spending the money at the Woolie Ewe in Dallas while I'm there this weekend, yee-hah!!

I collect clocks--- and above are several. My favorite is the elegant little Ellora clock to the right of the ruby slipper. (You can click on the picture to enlarge, to see the little clock.) (I also collect ruby slippers---and the mosaiced one above was made guessed it! My Mother!!)

The above is part of the Paint Pony collection. (Okay, with a camel and a cow to keep them company.....)

And the above cabinet used to have a huge TV on top, which I took to Kansas. So instead I placed an old washbasin & pitcher there which my Mother mosaiced for me.

Above is my messy dresser and the bench at the foot of my bed. But I just love my room!!!

Anyway, I've got to finish packing. I finished the new Pat Conroy book, "South of Broad", and it was so good that I hated to put it down, dang it. But I'm taking his "Beach Music" with me to Dallas, where I doubt I'll get any reading done in the exciting household of my jet-setter sister!

I'll keep in touch---


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