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Isolated sharp pain under right-sided ribs, high under breast that intensifies on inhalation

Posted by Dave N

I am a male in upper 30's with no significant health history besides high blood pressure that I am on medication to control. This pain intensifies if I breath deep and I am worried if I do not breath deeper, I will not get enough CO2 out of my body. It has persisted for about 48 hours, but most recently has caused me to attempt sleep in a recliner rather than flat in bed. It does at times radiate around to back and up into collar and neck. I have lost any insurance capabilities due to job replacement, and am worried about costly scans. I believe I had a sneeze that caused initial pain about 3 days ago that made me consider going to the chiropractor. It occured while I was in a bit of a twisted position, and I recall it affecting the left side more at the time.
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