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Interesting Stuff

Posted Sep 11 2008 10:16am 0415, nearly anything can be interesting. From the things people will do for quote-unquote religious experiences, to the dumb and flammable things people will do while simultaneously lighting cigarettes, to the things TV makes people think about medicine.

**Public Service Announcement** Tiny air bubbles in the IV tubing are really, truly not dangerous to the patient. Seriously. I know, I know - on TV, the tiniest air bubble kills a patient instantly, and dramatically, and irretrievably (well, except on "Days of Our Lives," where death is never permanent). 'Tain't so. It would take an entire IV tubing full of air to do any kind of damage along the lines of an air embolism. Just like many of the other things in TV ER's that aren't accurate (since when do the doctors do all of the hands-on work? where are the security officers? and there are never enough bitching people in the waiting rooms on TV) - this one is just not true.

**Second Public Service Announcement** On behalf of my sweetheart, because I *still* hear this at least once a shift from a patient. The nice people who brought you to the hospital in that red and white taxi with the flashy lights ARE NOT REFERRED TO AS AMBULANCE DRIVERS. They are Emergency Medical Technicians or Paramedics, trained and licensed professionals who are paid to know how to save your life, and in the course of so doing, it happens that one of them has to actually get behind the wheel and drive the bus to the damn hospital. So yes, they do technically 'drive ambulances,' but they aren't too nuts about being called 'ambulance drivers,' not any more so than I would like to be called a 'bedpan changer' or a 'chart writer.' (Or a 'verb,' Beavis.)

It's been a pleasant shift heretofore, nicely punctuated by ordinary folks with real manners (of course there have been the others too) but finding impeccable manners in a patient you'd expect to be strictly vernacular is always a nice surprise. (What did you just call me? Ma'am?? Wait, that's not a name I get called at work...) But the upshot is that it's so nice to be back at work, so nice to feel like a nurse again - it's been too long that I haven't really been in my groove.

Found a pretty interesting article over at 43 Folders, on what makes a good blog and I agree - and I hope that I do at least some of those things some of the time.

The project I signed on for wherein I submit a photo every day of my life for the next year... is turning out to be really really interesting and a lot of fun. The boss lady did change the address though, find it now at Envisage365. It's really, really a cool idea - and I look forward to learning a little more about my fellow participants through the pictures they choose to post. And on a personal note, I'm trying to trend toward my pictures not needing explanation - but I'm not there yet.

The wee hours of the morning have come and gone though, and I'm getting so tired my eyes feel grainy...So I guess it's time to close this post and do some laps around the department...
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