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Posted Oct 07 2010 7:17am
A simple question has led to some soul-searching. Again. The question?

"You're the guy that writes InsomniacMedic, right?"

This from a new paramedic student who I've only just met.

It would seem that this anonymous blog isn't quite as anonymous as I'd thought.

Many of my colleagues know who I am. Several other bloggers too.

But I've never officially linked me and my blog.

Now to rethink making it official.

My only fear - the same as any EMS bloggers out there.

The Management.

I try to portray my profession through positive eyes - some might even call it rose-tinted glasses, so no worries there.

I don't tend to criticise the establishment or anyone in particular. So no worries there.

And I adhere strictly to a self-imposed policy of protecting patients' confidentiality. No worries there either.

And still, there is an institutionalised fear of social media in the upper echelons, so admitting my identity in public is still a risky move.

Once again - I ask for your opinion.

Yes, or no?

Should the InsomniacMedic reveal his true identity?
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