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I Refuse To Change The Leopardies' Spots....

Posted Mar 03 2009 3:19pm


Okay, so I wanted to knit some more house socks.

The reason I love to knit house socks is because I need many pairs--- and new ones often--- since I'm hard on them and wear them out quickly. I wear them all the time, both around the house as true house socks, and also as boot socks with my Bass Pro Shop knee-high rubber boots.

I've made several different types of pairs lately, but I wanted to make this particular pair "leopardy".

(Is 'leopardy' a word???)

So anyhoo, I graphed out the best leopardy graph I could manage, and I knitted what I thought was a leopardy sock. And I was pretty happy with it...

...until Blaine said that it "didn't look leopardy to him".


Okay, so I knitted the Second Sock--- and on this one I re-arranged the colors to see if I could get things to look more leopardy.
(And since I never make matching socks anyway, these Leopardies will fit right in with the rest of the hapless, un-matching socks in my sock drawer...)

But even after seeing the Second Sock--- and both together--- Blaine STILL doesn't think they look leopardy.

WELL again...

So I took a family poll and emailed pictures of the Leopardies to his family. And today I got the answers. Blaine's brother and sister-in-law DO think they look leopardy. But Blaine's sister opined that they'd "look more leopardy if I had knitted the top bands the color black."

Knitted the top bands black? But wouldn't that be more "cougary" than leopardy?

To tell you the truth, I really like the stupid things. They're thick, and I knitted them "high top" style---tall--- to fit comfortably when I wear them with boots. And they're warm. And they also make my clogs fit better when I wear them with the clogs if I so choose.

God, I'm on a total house sock binge lately. I'm knitting these silly things like crazy and I don't know why. I guess I just plain enjoy knitting them, maybe because they are fast knits (being knit out of worsted yarn) and I have fun trying to come up with new and different ones in crazy colors.

And I've decided that I don't give a flip if idgity Blaine doesn't think they look leopardy. In my own mind's eye they look leopardy. (Wait till he sees the next ones I've got on the needles--- HEH!--- they are totally BIZARRE--- even to me!--- and they're called "Stripes Mania". )

(I wonder if my idolCastielwould think my socks looked leopardy?...)

(I'd love to knit Castiel a pair of socks....)

(He always looks so brooding and intense, wearing that baggy duster coat all the time--- with that tie--- and I'll bet that he only wears plain black socks, although you'd think that an "angel" would wear white, right?...)


Oh yeah, the Leopardies. Sigh..... I'm forever going to wonder if they "really" look leopardy or not.

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