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From "Room Nurses" to "Idiot Nurses": Filipino nurses wage against demoralization

Posted Mar 03 2013 6:26am 1 Comment
My attention was called again when a certain Grace Delacruz Manabat said that those nurses who are "accusing" her senatorial bet are 'idiots'.

Well I do expect some supporters to rally behind their senatorial bet but to call those nurses who just wanted to ask Mrs. Villar to properly address the profession as idiots, then clearly someone is not understanding the real issue here. 

Though I cannot blame nurses to be infuriated with Cynthia Villar's careless remarks calling professional nurses as "room nurses lang sa Amerika..." and that "hindi naman kailangan ganon sila kagaling", I would still call on my colleagues that at times like this, we are trained to be objective so we could focus clearly on the issue and not just burst out of our emotions because many are into this topic. We just don't want a "bandwagon" effect - what I personally wanted is for us nurses to use this opportunity to re-educate the public, sensitize our leaders and engage with different stakeholders of our real battleground: unemployment, underemployment, unfair labor practices, hostile working environment, low wages & disproportional benefits, workplace bullying, demoralization and a lot more. 
This should be our battlecry! And this should be the opportune time for nurses to engage all personalities seeking public offices that we are not to be disregarded. Professional nurses in the country are around 700,000 but with the combined forces of graduate and undergraduate nurses - we are a million force to reckon with.
And please let us do away with the "lang" word and be proud we have excellent health providers known in the country and overseas. 
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