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Flu Shots and a Tonsillar Abscess

Posted Nov 30 2008 10:23am

I have been giving flu shots out the wazoo lately and have had some rather interesting responses in various situations.

First, there was the man who didn’t want to take his shirt sleeve off because it wouldn’t roll up and asked me if I could just give the shot through the sleeve.  Next, there have been numerous people who have said “Now, I should expect to come down with the flu, right?”  WHAT????  Of course not!  Who is telling you this?  Then, there have also been numerous people who think that the flu shot goes into their veins like starting an IV. 

Other than that, we have been seeing a lot of strep throat in adults.  More than usual. 

One husband and wife came into the clinic and the wife opened her mouth and I immediately said “you’re outta here”.  She had a tonsillar abscess.  It was an enormously swollen tonsil with exudate all over it.  I had her husband take a look so he could see it too and he yelled “HOLY CRAP!  What is that???!”  She said “So, tell him that I can’t give our daughter a bath tonight.”  hahaha.  That is what she was most concerned with.  She got referred to someone who could drain it.

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