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first night

Posted Aug 21 2010 10:17am
(A small island on the Zambezi River, Zambia

Just a note: the next few entries will be jumbled and not necessarily on chronological order. I wrote all higgelty-piggelty in fits and starts during this part of the adventure, and I'm just going to copy and date things as they appear in my journal. Good luck sorting it all out.)

Yesterday we crossed over from Botswana to Zambia in a small speednoat. Yet another first. Our driver gave me his hand and I stepped onto land. Welcome to Zambia.

We flew from Livingstone to Lusaka on a tiny place. Julle, somehow, wasn't 'in the system' (TIA!) so she and Elliot took the next flight. It was so strange, in the middle of this whole adventure, to be back on familiar ground. Granted, it was just he airpoer, but in a funny way it felt like coming home.

All our other lodges have been less than twenty minutes' drive, so we were more than a little surprised when our driver thistime told us to settle in for a three hour journey.


Pause: list animals (a list that I added to as the canoe trip went on, but which I'll type in its entirety now)

- elephant
- hippo
- crocodile
- water buck
- side-striped jackal
- cane rat
- eland
- bush buck
- impala
- samango monkeys
- water buffalo
- baboon
- warthog

Birds we saw (a list kept with my old roommate, Amber, in mind, since she's the one who taught me to love birds)

- white-fronted bee eater
- saddle-billed stork
- butler eagle (short tailed)
- maribou stork
- grey heron
- great white heron
- white egret
- kingfisher
- african jacana
- pied kingfisher
- malachite kingfisher
- osprey
- sacred ibis
- african skimmer
- marshal eagle
- camine bee eater
- white crowned plover
- african spoonbill
- hammer kopp (endangered bird)
- round hornbill
- black-winged stilt

Heard but not seen
- lions
- hyenas
- black creek (a bird)

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