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Feeling a bit low

Posted Jul 08 2009 9:44am
Sometimes its really disheartening working in labor and delivery. I know that most people think "oh, it must be so nice to sit and rock babies all night" but ask any labor nurse and she/he will tell you there is little sitting and rocking babies. If only. Don't get me wrong, it is awesome to see a mother bring her baby into the world. There's nothing else like witnessing a birth of a baby and the birth of a mother. Lately, though, it seems like there have been so many women having babies that, really, probably shouldn't be. Or family situations that really suck. This last month it has been an oddity to see a mom and dad, who are together and excited about their coming baby. Instead, its been filled with a drunk moms who couldn't keep peeing from her pants (and yes, it was urine not amniotic fluid), moms who dabble in cocaine and pot, but "I don't smoke cigarettes", parents whose other 8 children have been taken away by DCFS, abused mothers, dads who commit suicide or who die from an overdose on drugs, homeless single mothers, some who fled an even worse situation who see living at the shelter a huge improvement, moms who come in seeking drugs, etc. Seriously, it's been like this. It's heartwrenching to see these people in such horrible situations and know that they are bringing an innocent child into the mess that is their life, and that there is little, if anything, that I can do about it or help them. Yeah, I'm supposed to keep a certain professional emotional distance from patients, but damn, it's hard when you see that the best meals the mom has had in months is the hospital food and that this sweet, innocent little baby may have a very hard life. I wish there was a magic wand we could utilize in these situations and just wish away the hardship for these families.
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