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Expanding Your View of Nursing

Posted Jun 07 2009 10:43pm

While speaking at an association meeting (non-nursing) someone came up to me and said do you help nurses who want to get out of nursing?? I said “Yes. I help them find another path in nursing if that’s what it takes.” This same person told me that her sister worked in a hospital, was totally burnt out and that she and many of her friends wanted to get out of nursing.


It saddens me that many nurses don’t realize that they have options within the profession - that so many nurses work themselves into the ground and then look for another profession. I can’t even imagine how many good nurses we have lost because of this.


Of course there are many reasons why nurses get burnt out - lack of adequate self-care, staying in a toxic or non-supportive work environment rather than looking for another job, not valuing their work or realizing all the transferable skills they have, getting into a rut and not working on career development.


Unfortunately some of these nurses then go to generic career counselors (rather than RN Career Coaches) who help them find a new occupation because they do not have an understanding of the profession, the skill set that nurses possess, and the vast array of opportunities that exist for nurses.


Be sure to encourage any nurses you encounter (including yourself) who want to leave nursing that they should fully explore their options, get out to nursing career fairs, attend professional association meetings, seminars and conventions to network and meet new people, and talk to folks who work in non-traditional specialties. Many of us need a change of work environment and specialty from time to time - sometimes a dramatic one. We also need to tend to our own self-care and ongoing career development. Consider reading or recommending The ULTIMATE Career Guide for Nurses - Practical Advice for Thriving at Every Stage of Your Career. Find out more here.

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