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Exit 95 on the Yellowbrick Road...

Posted Nov 30 2008 12:20pm
And then it hit me:
standin' outside of Heaven,
waiting for God to come and get me,
I'm too uncouth......
("Superstar", Lupe Fiasco)
I said, AHEM?
Well, this is your Message Goat speaking, long distance, from Texas. I say long distance because, unbelievably, Bo has returned to the world of the living. However..... umm.... there is a slight glitch.
And that glitch is that Bo is no longer in Texas.
Yes, that's what I said--- that Bo is no longer in Texas. She's in Kansas now! And it's all very complicated.
And, sadly, I will not be able to continue being your Message Goat as I cannot afford the long-distance costs--- and also the fact that I'll have no idea what in the hell she is doing up there in Kansas. However, I will check in periodically, as circumstances permit.
I guess she'll just have to get somebody else to be her messenger.... perhaps a friendly Tin Man or Scarecrow---somebody who can accompany her downThe Yellowbrick Road, if you know what I mean?
Oh, the humanity......
(I've always wanted to say that: 'oh, the humanity'. That and the phrase 'meanwhile, back at the ranch'. But Bo got a chance to use 'meanwhile, back at the ranch' on here somewheres---some time way back a bit---maybe in 2006 but I'm not sure. Now, if only I could get a chance to use the phrase "Houston, we have a problem".....)
Where was I? Oh yes, Bo's in Kansas.
So anyway, Bo has assured me that she will be back online here very soon ---and that she will continue her chronicles as before--- just as soon as she can get settled-- or else perfect her raspberry-peach butterpie recipe, whichever comes first.
Thank you, that is all for now.
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