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Eating a Health Diet During Pregnancy

Posted Oct 28 2008 9:58pm
It's more important than ever for a woman to eat properlyand take care of her body during pregnancy than at any othertime in her life. Eating properly is necessary for thehealth of not only the mother, but the growth and health ofthe unborn baby. It's also important to exercise regularlyso that the nine months of pregnancy are physically as easyas possible.If you're pregnant there are many things that you can do tomake sure that your pregnancy is as full of health aspossible.

One of the most important things that you can dois make sure that you get the vitamins and nutrition thatyou need in the amounts recommended for a pregnant woman.Make sure that you get enough iron and folium. If you lack adiet that has adequate amounts of iron you may want to talkto your doctor about taking a supplement. You'll also needto make sure that you get enough calcium during your pregnancy. One of the ways that you can ensure that you'reeating enough to include all the nutrients that you need inone day, is too make sure that you eat a well balancedbreakfast each day.

Another problem that most women face during pregnancy isthat of constipation. Pregnant women can tackler thisproblem by exercising regularly and taking more fibrousfoods in their diet. Water is also beneficial and a minimumof 8 glasses should be taken each day.

Pregnancy also requires you to avoid particular foods ortake them in moderation due to their bad repercussions. Forexample alcohol is to be completely stopped. This is becauseit is bad for the development of the unborn baby. Otherthings in your diet could be fish as it is high in mercury.Soft cheeses is another, being high on taste and low innutrition and calciumAll this good nutritive food can lead to excessive weightgain in most ladies, which they should refrain from.

Allpregnant ladies would do well to remember that they requireonly 300 more calories in their diet and therefore 1,900 to2,500 calories is good enough each day. Excessive weight isalways difficult to loose and also makes your pregnancydifficult.Also the extra 300 calories that you have to take moreshould comprise wholly of fatty foods but rather wellbalanced food. You should take foods like non fat yogurt,wholegrain toast and peanut butter, fruit salads topped withyogurt, or low fat granola with skim milk.

Every pregnancy is different and you have to take doctorsadvice to make sure that what all you are doing is good foryou. Not everything suits everybody. For a good and healthypregnancy right from day one to the final delivery of thebaby, you have to have the right combination of healthyfood, exercises and stretches.

Another aspect which sometimes is left ignored is the mentalwell being of the mother to be. Mental health of the motheris also reflected on the baby therefore it is important forher to remain in good spirits always. Nowadays there is alsoa host of guidance available for would be mothers in theform of books. You can make use of such books to find outwhat to do and what not to do.


Written by Debra Evant, the owner of Pregnancy Reference, for more information visit:
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