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dock life

Posted Nov 06 2011 8:55pm
Since I've been in bed all weekend nursing a nasty cold, I don't have any updates or stories from the wards. It would appear that I handle proper illness with much more grace than I do a simple cold. Whatever the case may be, I haven't left the comfort of my cabin for more than a few minutes at a time. Not even to head outside to the deck or the dock. Which, speaking of, I've never shown you.

Since I live on a home whose backyard changes at least once a year depending on where we drop anchor, I figure it's only fair to keep you updated on the changing view.

This composite was shot during the forklift incident a couple weeks ago. (At the bottom left is the Terex machine trying to fish that poor forklift out of the water) At any rate, the view from this particular dock is absolutely wonderful if you can get past the four-high row of containers hemming us in. We have a beautiful mountain view, little houses creeping up the side of it, topped with university buildings.

At the far left there's a little area fenced off for a basketball court; dinner last night was a barbecue out there with everyone sitting in beach chairs and balancing plates on knees. All along the containers we park our Landrovers, and on the far right is the narrow walkway where we come and go from the dock. Well, technically, on the far right is a sunset. Every night you can find people up on Deck Eight watching the sunset. The sun slips below the mountains on the other side of the harbour as smoke rises from the fishing villages and the call to prayer sounds from city mosques. On a quiet night you can hear two or three at a time.

There's not always much room to roam here in West Africa, and it's nice to have a berth with a view this year.

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