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Crappy Stuff That Didn't Happen To Me This Week

Posted Aug 02 2008 8:14am 1 Comment
In the interest of remaining positive and thus trying to keep my head above figurative water, let me recount a few of the shitty things that didn't befall me this past week:

1) Nobody I love died.

2) I didn't lose my job.

3) I didn't find out I have two months to live.

4) I didn't get hit by lightning.

5) I didn't electrocute myself in the bathtub.

6) I wasn't kidnapped by a band of gypsies.

7) I didn't find out I was pregnant.

8) I wasn't probed by aliens.

9) I didn't have a boulder fall on me and thus have to saw off my own arm to survive.

10) I didn't lose, drop, or otherwise kill my iPhone.

11) My kids and parents didn't disown me.

12) I didn't get bitten by a shark.

13) I didn't blow myself up in a freak barbecuing accident.

14) To my knowledge, I didn't kill anybody.

15) I wasn't mauled by a grizzly bear or an angry sasquatch or an alligator.

There, now I guess it could be worse than being 9k further in debt, alone, and having moved two blocks away by way of a very scenic transcontinental route.

Always an adventure, people. Hang on.
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Erica P:  and most important of all you still have your sense of humor intact.

As my dad used to say "soldier on...."

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