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Changes in nursing

Posted Nov 04 2009 10:01pm

So I'm sure many of you have been hearing about rumors within the Nursing profession about LPNs being phased out. Take a look around and you will see that hasn't been the case, although i have to admit it has become more difficult to find employment in places like Hospitals. So the latest thing i have been hearing about is this "BSN in 10." I suggest you Google it and see what information you can find because I'm almost positive that it varies from state to state. What i do know, is that NJ is looking at this issue very closely. This site has some FAQs. This site might also be a good option.

You see, i think this is a good idea for us. The further you advance in your education the better. The BSN programs do offer more in depth and specialized topics that you might otherwise have. More specific pre-requisites that will be useful when expanding your career in a different direction. For example, as an Associates or Diploma RN you might not need to have Organic Chemistry where as a BSN program you would most likely have taken that course. This class may be useful to a person who wishes to pursue a career in lets say, maybe research?

Then there is the side that brings concern. We already have a nursing shortage, which doesn't seem so obvious here in NJ, can u imagine how many people might opt out of either following a nursing career or might change careers altogether because the option for returning to school is not a choice for them. I'm sure there's other related concerns but those are the ones that stick out for me. I'm interested in hearing your opinions, feelings, ideas, or frustrations.

Enjoy your day, i feel like a nap after a long day of Foleys and IVs :)
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