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Causes for numbness in all of my teeth, razor sharp pain in nerves of my teeth and burning mouth

Posted by susan m.

3 years ago, I began to experience sensitivity in the top and bottom 4 teeth. Three months later, I developed razor sharp pain in almost all of my teeth, numbness, burning mouth and ear pain and head pressure. Over the three years, the pain has intensified and a year ago, I began to experience tingling and numbness in my hands and feet. I have had numerous tests, such as CAT scans, MRI's, PET scans and lab tests and have been seen by neurologists, ENT doctors, dentists, internists, chiropractors and had accupuncture, all of which gave me no hope. The tests reveal nothing to explain my mysterious condition. I was on ambien for 7 years and wonder if taking it for so long could have caused neurological damage, but what explains the head pressure and deafening sensation in my ears? I stopped the ambien for 5 months earlier this year and saw no change. I also went into menopause around the same time this happened and wonder if I need to see an endocrinologist or if I have an autoimmune disease? My condition is getting worse as the tingling and numbness in my hands, arms, feet and legs. My oral pain is worse after eating. It is like a burning pain in the nerves in me teeth and all of my teeth are numb and my lips tingle too. If there is anyone who can help me, please let me know. None of the meds to relieve my pain has helped and now I am being treated for candida for the last 5 months and again, have seen no change. I am taking nystatin and the candida vaccine as well as diet.

I welcome any suggestions that you can offer me. Thank you!







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I find smells triggers mine - got a lot in common I think - garlic is one of the worse smells so I have had to stop cooking with it.  Ambien is also a problem and think when I upped it a few years ago after getting sick I set this whole cycle into motion. 



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