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Posted Dec 29 2009 5:52am
That was what I did last night at work, I had to catch. Not once, but twice and it was cool as hell! Last night was exactly what I needed to rejuvenate my spirit. With everything going on in the hospital, all the alternative agendas and politics on the unit, a merger happening in a week, anesthesia change and the fact that we are slow, going to work wasn't such a great thing. Moral is low to say the least. But last night was fun. It started out like a pretty normal shift, but soon we got a call from the ER that they had a patient that is pregnant, in labor and just told her mom in the ER that she was pregnant, as they are working her up for abdominal pain. No prenatal care. So she gets up to us, and I decide I better check her. Yup, complete with bag of water bulging out of the vagina. I grab gloves and send someone to call the city call doc since she didn't have a doc. Then the heartrate dropped, and the bag of water broke with a huge gush of thick pea soup meconium. Very soon after, baby is crowning and head is out. No cord, but the shoulders just wouldn't come. We ended up having to do suprapubic pressure to get the shoulders out. Babe looked to be full term, did well transitioning to extra uterine life and will make an adoptive family very happy. The second baby happened just an hour later. This mom presented in labor, didn't look to be uncomfortable and said her water broke and she just started having pain about an hour ago. You guessed it, she was completely dilated and after 2 contractions, the baby was crowning. This baby delivered easily. It was just awesome. Both moms delivered in less than 10 minutes of arriving on the unit. Neither doc had a chance to make it because we don't have OB's in house. After last night, I'm feeling more and more that I should get back to school at some point. Both of the deliveries were pretty easy, (although there was some mild shoulder dystocia with the first), and I know that it won't always be that easy but man, was that fun!
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