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CarDouche of the Day

Posted Dec 08 2011 7:11pm
You know they're out there.  The people with the oh-so-clever vanity plates.  The people with the "these stick figures represent my family and my cat and my dog and maybe the sports we all play" stickers.  Idiots who do or wear stupid things on the road.  Superfans who drive Bronco-mobiles or Earnhardt-mobiles.  People with 62 bumper stickers (choose a statement, Bub).  And that one guy with the big red truck and the huge-ass American flag and all the other paraphernalia.

I have a silly habit of snapping pictures when I see shenanigans like this on the road.  Until now, I haven't really done anything with those pictures, save for the occasional blog post herein.  But, as it was so handily pointed out to me (Matt and Kathy, I blame you) that such a wealth of stupidity warrants its very own page...

I give you CarDouche of the Day.

Enjoy, comment, share... and if you also have pictures of similar crap, send 'em my way.
VikingGoddess999 AT gmail DOT com.

Happy driving!
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