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Bo's Fresh Basil & Homegrown Tomato Omelete...

Posted Jul 07 2010 9:36am

I think I've found the perfect omelete recipe. I made it up myself. And if anybody would like this recipe, here it is:

First, gather your ingredients. I use salsa as a garnish, so I get that out first thing. (I like the kind of salsa with cilantro in it.)

Next, I chop up some onions. I also chop up a handful of some of my homegrown cherry tomatoes, which I'm growing on my deck.

Grab some of your favorite cheese. I use half a slice of cheddar. And also grab your silicone rubber utensils. (I think they're silicone---it's that type of rubber which won't melt if you use it in hot pans.) My silicone rubber spatulas were given to me by my sister at Christmas, since she also gave me non-stick Calphalon omelete pan. (The secret of this omelete is having a really good non-stick pan.)

We'll need just a bit of half & half.

And we need spices. First off, I use Dill. I have to use store bought dill since I didn't grow any in my kitchen herb garden.

And you'll need some good ole salt & pepper. (My sister gave me that pepper mill at Christmas, too, can you believe it? She also gave me a wonderful crock pot and Rubbermaid blender.)

And then I go to the deck garden and pick some basil. I finely chop about a tsp and a half. (Basil is a strong herb so you have to err on the side of "not enough".)

Then crack 2 eggs and one extra egg sans the yolk into a container and whip. Put in about a tbsp of the half-and-half. You can put your dill in there, too. And you can put the salt & pepper in there, too.

After melting one tbsp of butter in the Calphalon non-stick skillet, pour your egg mixture in. I put the temp of the burner on "6". And I'll cook the mixture for 4 minutes.

While those 4 minutes are ticking away, keep a lid on the pan.

At the end of the four minutes, when the bottom of the omelette looks as if it's getting more solid, lower the burner temp to "4", and then gently lay the tomatoes, onions, cheese and basil in there---on an area of one half of the omelete.

Let it cook a little more (maybe 2 more minutes). Use a rubber spatula to gently loosen the edges of the omelete all the way around---and that way you can gently loosen any parts in the center which seem "stuck".

When you know the omelette is not stuck anywhere, and the vegetables are cooked, and the omelete, too, looks almost completely cooked----gently use one (or two ) rubber spatulas to "flip" the omelete. (This is the fun part.)

Let it cook a minute more, and then gently slide your omelette to your plate. You can use the rubber spatula to help this process.

Garnish with the salsa and a sprig of basil....and VIOLA! Bo's fresh basil and homegrown tomato omelette!

* Italic


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