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Bakin Brownies

Posted Jan 15 2009 7:42pm

Oh boy. I'm sitting here "watching" (more like half-listening) to Annie Hall that my husband DVR'd. I've never seen it, as it was released when I was two (according to my DH).

I have Snyder's honey mustard n' onion breath, and also have been snacking on peanut butter M&Ms. Baby Girl was sharing, but couldn't partake until she peed on the potty. It took her some coaxing, but she landed it in the potty, and Tinkerbell panties remain clean, dry and intact.

For now.

She is very "two" right now. Messy, moody, independent, dependent, affectionate, stubborn... and the worst of it all, amidst her sporadic cuteness meshed with diva-like behavior, she uses her "potty problem" to control me and DH. She knows and voices the importance of the potty, she uses the potty... but also manages to mess herself a lot. Then, she tries to hide it. The boys never did this. They just potty trained, and then were done with it. Baby Girl has been known, recently... OK, a few weeks ago (maybe even days)... she hid a turd in the oven of her little kitchen. Please tell me I will laugh about this in ten years.

So, there you have it. My daughter is not picture perfect. She poops her pants. What to do?

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