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Back to Work: 1 bone, 2 casts, 2 surgeons, 2 pins, 3 operations, 3 infections, 6 months, 6 screws (attached to one plate)

Posted Aug 07 2009 7:17pm
I took the antibiotics for a week (see previous post) - they made me feel pretty nauseaous but I took that as a sign they were actually doing something. They finished on Monday 11/05. The two smaller lumps/sores at the top of my leg stopped bleeding and scabbed over and then the scab went altogether. But the one on my shin, whilst shrinking significantly, was still oozing and bloody painful. Plus, my blood sugars were up so I knew that there was infection still lurking. I had booked an appointment with my brilliant diabetes nurse on Friday 08/05 to discuss my current mentalness - during which she recommended that I had another weeks worth of antibiotics. 

It was the usual story with the GP: no chance of seeing anybody for another 5 days. I said I wasn't an emergency, perhaps if I had it would have been a different story but those appointments are for sick babies. I know I used to rant about my previous GP practice; but the lovely nurse practitioner there was excellent and I am missing having someone to talk to. This lot are truly dire. 

Fortunately my diabetic nurse managed to sort out a prescription from her end. So I am on augmentin (co-amoxiclav) for another 7 days. I started on Friday, which means today (its Wednesday but may well have tipped over into Thursday before I finish this post) is day 6, and my blood sugars are coming down so I must be seeing off the end of it.

As for the mentalness: I didn't feel comfortable not telling her about the self harm because I tell her everything. She was cool about it. Also, at the back of my mind I was thinking 'well at least now if anyone at work raises concerns about it; I can say that I have spoken to someone about it' which will look better than doing nothing.

On Wednesday 13th I had my occie health appointment: the doctor there felt there was no physical reason why I couldn't return to work properly. Finally! Score! She enquired as to my mental wellbeing, which left me in a bit of a quandry, but I decided honesty was the best policy.  Again; I was thinking that the more people I told, the more 'professionals' who are aware of my current situation; then the more it looks like I am actively doing something to help myself and not just spiralling downwards and keeping quiet about it. She wasn't too fussed thank god.

My matron is phasing my return to clincial duties - so I am doing some clinical and some non clinical for the next two weeks, this being the first week. I am supernumary which I am glad about because its been ages; but to be honest its like I was never off.

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