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ask all this

Posted Nov 24 2009 5:13pm
I come with more sobering news than I've been bringing the last few days. Because just when it seemed that everything was going our way, that wounds were going to be well on their way to healing, today was a sucker punch. One after another, we discovered new evidence of breakdown, new reasons to doubt.

But the truth remains: our God is a God of Healing. He can, and I pray that He will heal these wounds. I think when He says we just need a tiny seed's worth of faith, that what He's saying is that all we need to do is ask. The more I think about that, the more comforting it is. Because it takes all the weight out of my tiny hands and puts it back squarely into the ones that can hold it. The only thing expected of me is simply to come, to ask. The rest He will do. So here is what I ask, and what I want you to ask with me.

Ask for Christine. Her wound has torn back open, and she needs to be under the care of a competent general surgeon as soon as possible. All of the local hospitals are currently on strike, and we don't know what to do. God does.

Ask for Kossiwa and her mama. Kossiwa had her cleft lip repaired almost a week ago, and when we removed the packing holding her nose into the right shape, we found that from the top of her lip all the way through the floor of her nose, all she has is an open hole. Her mama is devastated, and Kossiwa will need more surgery in the future. For now, they have to go home with a baby still broken.

Ask for Therese. She is recovering from VVF surgery, a wound infection and a skin graft. She's doing well, but after what happened with Christine, we're wary, not willing to get excited too soon in case infections rears its ugly head again.

Ask for Beatrice. She also had VVF surgery, and her wound has required the most specialized care we have available. When the ship leaves, so will our technology. She will be going to stay at a local clinic where her wound will be cared for, but we don't know what will happen with it once we leave.

Ask for Josua. He's also battling a stubborn wound, his left over after a hernia operation. He'll be roommates with Beatrice and Therese at the clinic, and we're praying that his infection clears up so that his skin can heal.

Ask for Wasti and his mama. She's still learning to feed him, and the envelope on my desk marked Cow Collection is starting to fill. Their future looks bright, full of the promise of home.

Ask for all these and all the others, almost seven thousand, who came up the gangway this year for surgery. Ask that the Light would shine in their darkness, that Truth would win over lies and that Hope would take the place of despair.

Ask all this.

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