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And We Have a Heartbeat, Folks!

Posted Mar 18 2010 5:32pm
Yes, that's right, we have a real live embryo growing away! On the way to the appointment, I was a nervous wreck. My legs were shaking as I walked into the office and I thought I'd puke from nerves. Then while my OB was doing the sono, I was watching the screen and I saw the baby, but I wasn't seeing a beating heart...I had to close my eyes for a minute to get myself together. But it was there, it just took a second to see because of the gestation. And it probably wasn't really that long, but it was an eternity for me. Nice heartbeat of 170. Today was just to check the viability and in 2 weeks, I see the nurse practitioner to do the whole work-up, pap, cultures, assessment, etc. They normally don't check hearttones at that appointment, but my OB said that she'll make a note on my chart to have a quick ultrasound, just to help put my mind at ease. I also got a nice script for more Zof.ran, which I was needed because I only had 2 pills left from my last pregnancy. I am more relaxed, but I'll be able to breathe easy in two weeks if there is a heartbeat. We did change my EDC from 10-22-10 to 10-27-10, based on the fact that I don't have a "normal" 28 day cycles, which the pregnancy wheels are based on. Mine are usually 32-33 days. The baby measured at 8w1d, which is consistent with a 33 day cycle. I'm happy about that, I want to make sure that the baby is ready when it's born, and not early because we were off by 5 days. Five days can make a big difference. I know there is always a risk, but today, I feel much better and more secure that we will in fact have this baby in the fall.
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